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Dublin | Down by the river!

Dublin, capital and largest city of the Republic of Ireland is a lively city with over 700 pubs, plenty of cocktail bars and restaurants, the ninth-most densely populated European Union city and the 25th best city in the world according to the Time Out Index 2019.

Dublin, River Liffey,
Down by the river! Walking along the river Liffey!

Dublin, a lively and energetic city, the city of pubs and bars, ideal for a city break or a long living, has a charming blend of history and a variety of attractions.

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Luxembourg | The Classy

Luxembourg, situated in the centre of Europe, is a picturesque city with lots to do and see, from historical attractions and panoramic views to a great numbers of bars and restaurants to hang out. With more that four flights a day from London and less than 2 hrs away, Luxembourg is one of the best weekend getaways.

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Reykjavik | One of a Kind

Reykjavik , capital of Iceland, is a small but vibrant city with friendly residents, great nightlife,  and lots to explore. City has an abundance of shops -main shopping street is Laugavegur-, museums and culture spots, souvenir shops and coffee shops on every corner. Name of the city  means smoky bay. Name comes from ancient past when first settlers arrived and found hot springs  all over the place from which steam and smoke was rising. Visited  Reykjavik in October, a very windy and typical winter day in Iceland. Winter in Iceland starts in October, so I was aware of  what to expect. Despite the freezing cold temperatures,  we were lucky enough, one of our days there to get some sunshine.

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Manchester has it all

Manchester, Britain”s second city,located in north west, a budget friendly destination, offers a variety of things to do, from museums and parks to restaurants and a wide range of bars, pubs and clubs for every mood and budget. One of the most liveable and student friendly cities with  popular University of Manchester, which stands at 34th in the world, to Manchester Metropolitan University and  University of Salford.

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London | The Cosmopolitan

London is one of the most vibrant  cities I have ever visited. There is always something to do, whatever day of the week or the weekend you visit. From discovering citys attractions or eating at a fancy restaurant, choosing the perfect place can definitely present a challenge.  There are plenty of options to explore. Here is a quick guide of how to spend one day in London.

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Loved Biking in Copenhagen

Copenhagen, one of the most cycle-friendly cities I have ever visited, impressed me almost instantly. Relaxing and cool vibes ofย  the city make it easy to feel like home. Discover the wide range of fantastic thingsย  and activities to do in the city, where to eat , what to do and which places to visit, from local attractions to food and entertainment.

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