the smallest public statue in Stockholm

What can you do in Stockholm for free?

Have you seen Stockholm’s smallest public statue? The Swedish capital has a great selection of public art and impressive statues.

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Here I introduce the statues that impressed me the most during my visit to the city.

  • “The Orpheus Well” by sculptor Carl Milles’ is standing outside the Stockholm Concert Hall.
Stockholm Monuments and Statues,
 The Orfeus-brunnen statue
The Orfeus-Brunnen

Evert Taube’s bronze statue is located on the island of Riddarholmen. Evert Taube was a famous Swedish author, artist, composer and troubadour 👉 One of Sweden’s most respected musicians.

Evert Taube statue
Statues of Stockholm
Evert Taube
  • Järnpojke by Liss Eriksson is the smallest public sculpture I have ever seen. The Iron Boy statue is known as ”The little boy who looks at the moon” is a sculpture 15 centimetres high, located in Gamla stan, the old town of Stockholm.


  • Saint George and the Dragon is an impressive bronze sculpture located in Köpmantorget, a small square in Gamla Stan.

Stockholm | Amazing art in subway

  • The Dance/Dansen and the Sången” (“The Song”) statues are located at Stadshuset.
Stockholm, Sweden, The Dance statue,Stockholm city hall,
The Dance/Dansen statue
  • The Nils Ericsson statue, known as ‘Baron and Engineer’ is located in front of the Central station in Stockholm.
Bronze statue in Stockholm City Hall 
Dansen statue in Stockholm
Statue in the city hall gardens in Stockholm
The Dansen Statue
  • The Allure / Tjusningen is a bronze statue sculptured by Per Hasselberg which depicts a standing boy and is located in the Mariatorget park square.
Bronze statue in Stockholm City Hall
Sången statue 
The Song statue in Stockholm
Carl Eldh’s bronze sculpture “Sången” (“The Song”) at Stadshuset.
  • The statue of Karl XII Swedish King is located in Kungsträdgården, one of Stockholm’s oldest public parks.
  • The Bågspännaren statue was erected in 1916 and is located in Kornhamnstorg. The Bågspännaren is known as ‘The Man with a bow’, commemorating the Engelbrekt rebellion 1434-1436.
Birger Jarls statue in Stockholm
 statue in Stockholm
The Birger Jarls statue
  • The Birger Jarls statue. Birger Jarl was the founder of Stockholm and his statue was erected on the Birger Jarls torg square in 1854.
  • The Lars Johan Hierta statue is located in a small square in Riddarhustorget in Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s Old City. Lars Johan Hiertaas was a Swedish media and politics personality and the founder of the newspaper Aftonbladet in 1830.
  • The De första stegen sculpture, a statue depicting a mother and a boy was raised in 1932 and is located at Sankt Paulsgata in Södermalm island.

Here’s one of my favourite places to admire Stockholm skyline by night! There are several sculptures in Stockholm’s City Hall (Stadshuset) park located between the city hall building and the Lake Mälaren’s shore!


A sculpture in Stockholm city Hall 
Statue in Stockholm
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