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Architecture that takes your breath away!

Have you seen the Antoni Gaudi masterpieces? Barcelona is an amazing city and a destination of marvellous architecture. Here are some of the Gaudi architectural masterpieces you need to visit once in your life!

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sagrada familia,Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,
Sagrada Familia


The Sagrada Familia was the first sight to see when I arrived in Barcelona. The architecture of the building is stunning! The construction of the cathedral started in 1882 initially designed by Francisco de Paula del Villar. The project was taken over by Antoni Gaudí in 1882 and continued till his death in 1914. The restoration of this emblematic building is expected to be completed in 2026. A unique building of incredible architecture you should see!

Sagrada familia, Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,
basilicasagradafamilia (Instagram)
Basic Ticket20€
Ticket with audioguide
Sagrada Familia & Gaudi Museum
Sagrada Familia & visit to theTower
Park Guell,Park Güell, Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,
Park Güell



Park Güell is an amazing park, a total surface area of 19 hectares, open to the public. The park offers panoramic views of the city! There is a restricted area inside the park, which is a UNESCO heritage site, that requires paying a ticket (10€) to view the magnificent murals of the Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi.

Due to maintenance work in the restricted area, some spaces were under restoration. Take a look at the website before your visit.

I would recommend paying for the entrance if you would like to view the murals, alternatively walk up to the hill to enjoy amazing views of the city! On the top of the hill is Mirador de Joan Sales viewing platform. Joan Sales was a Catalan writer, poet, translator and editor. If you fancy walking walk 10 minutes from Mirador de Joan Sales to Mirador de architect Ignacio de Lecea viewing platform.

Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,Casa Calvet,
Casa Calvet


Casa Calvet, a stunning building designed by Antoni Gaudí, is located in Carrer de Casp str. One of Gaudi’s masterpieces, built between 1899-1904, was created for the textile manufacturer Pere Màrtir Calvet. Exterior views only are allowed as the building is not open to the public. There is a chocolate – coffee shop on the ground floor.

Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batlló,
Casa Batlló

CASA Batlló

Casa Batlló is an impressive building, a UNESCO World Heritage site, designed by Antoni Gaudí and located at number 43 in the Passeig de Gràcia. The entrance ticket to the building is 25€. Casa Batlló has a long and interesting history, it was built in 1877 and fully reformed by Gaudí between 1904 and 1906. Casa Batlló is a unique architecture building and one of the most iconic places to visit in Barcelona. TIP: Buy your ticket online to get a lower price.

Casa Milà,Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,
Casa Milà


Casa Milà is a modernist building located at number 92 in the Passeig de Gràcia. Casa Mila, known as La Pedrera was designed by Gaudí and built between 1906 and 1912, today serves as a cultural center and activities hub.

TIP: Buy your ticket online to get a lower price (24€).

Cascada Monumental,Barcelona,Antoni Gaudi,
Cascada Monumental


Cascada Monumental is an impressive monument which is located in the lovely Parc de la Ciutadella. This marvellous monument was erected originally by Josep Fontseré in 1875 and a few years later designed to a small extent by Gaudí. There is a monument and a fountain in the area, the park is usually busy. Cascada Monumental and the park is a great place for stunning photos!


Cascada Monumental,Barcelona, Antoni Gaudi
Cascada Monumental
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4 thoughts on “Architecture that takes your breath away!

  1. I really enjoyed the photos. I was there a few years ago and much of it was under reconstruction with a lot of scaffolding blocking some views of the interior. Now I want to go back even more and see how it has progressed. Gaudi is sure timeless, isn’t he?


  2. @John Scramling definitely!! Indeed Sagrada Família is under construction & expected to be completed in 2026, however there are many of Gaudí’s works to see! Splendid architecture !


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