This picture shows a boat crossing the canal of Utrecht the city of the Netherlands

Utrecht on a budget | What to see and do

How much should you budget per day Utrecht? There are many reasons to fall in love with Utrecht! Utrecht is a lovely picturesque city near Amsterdam less than 25 minutes by train. When I first arrived in the city, I was amazed by the city’s cool vibe and the beauty of the canals.

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According to BBC Travel Utrecht is one of the Happiest Places in the World. A gorgeous city to relax, escape from the bustle and hustle of Amsterdam, enjoy quality time in an idyllic environment.

Utrecht is the fourth largest city in the Netherlands after Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague. A student city, a very safe destination to visit. The Dutch city offers everything you want to find in a city while maintaining a small-town vibe compared to the capital of the Netherlands.


This picture shows a bicycle in the canal of Utrecht
The Stationsplein Bicycle Parking in Utrecht is the world’s largest bicycle parking hosting12,500 parking places. The parking is situated next to Utrecht Central Railway Station
  • Rent a bike, cycle in one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world! There are over 125,000 cyclists during the daytime and evening in the city. Utrecht is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities I have ever visited. No matter where you turn your head, you see a cyclist! Why not rent a bike and explore the city?
  • Join a free walking tour to learn the history and the hidden gems of the city within 2 hours (TIP THE TOUR GUIDE).
This picture shows bicycles parked by the canal in a city in the Netherlands
The Oudegracht, or “old canal”, runs through the centre of Utrecht
  • Visit St. Martin’s Cathedral Domkerk, learn about the history, admire the gothic architecture of the building. If you wish to support the Cathedral  you will find a voluntary donation box by the entrance.
  • Walk by the canals! Here’s to experience Utrecht’s beauty! A lovely surrounding to walk during the day or the night. You will come across plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, supermarkets and vintage shops.
  • Join a boat tour by the canals! Explore this gorgeous city by boat and discover the best views of the water and the city.


  • Join a guided tour in Dom tower to see the skyline of the city! You can reach the tower only under the supervision of a guide.
  • Check out Utrecht’s beautiful station. The Station Utrecht Centraal is a modern building of impressive architecture. You will come across many facilities and coffee shops within the building and several hotels nearby. What impressed me was the book exchange stand, where you can borrow or lend a book. By one of the exits of the station, there is a piano! Live performances take place from time to time.
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  • Visit the Tourist Information Office which is located by the Dom tower. Book your sightseeing and boat tour or buy your ticket to the Dom Tower. The staff of the office is extremely helpful and will provide you all with all the necessary information on how to enjoy the most Utrecht.
  • Visit the Centraal Museum! The Centraal Museum hosts art exhibitions of the city and local artists, is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm (15€). If you would like to relax visit the cafe within the museum or visit the museum shop.
  • Visit some of the public art the city offers: Miffy rabbit Statue, Anne Frank standbeeld (statue), Houtzaagmolen De Ster, Standbeeld Jan Van Nassau statue, Equestrian statue of Saint Willibrord.
  • Utrecht is one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, an amazing city to travel! A charming destination to visit often described as a little version of Amsterdam impressed me from the very first moment!
  • Get involved in a mystery game, join a self guided tour to solve clues and discover the hidden gems of the city. Book it here.
This picture shows a boat tour over the  canal system of the mediaeval city of Utrecht in the Netherlands
Join a boat tour to explore Utrecht by water. A multilingual guide will provide you valuable information on the buildings and monuments. If you prefer to paddle hire a paddle boat


Book BUNK Hotel. The hotel is located near the central train station within walking distance to all shops, offers a high standard of cleanliness, is a decent budget place to accomodate your self. Address:9 Catharijnekade, City Centre, 3511 RT Utrecht, Netherlands.


The nearest airport to Utrecht is Schiphol Amsterdam. From Schiphol there is a direct train to Utrecht, trains run every 15 minutes. The ride takes approximately 30 minutes to reach Utrecht Central station. Purchase your e-ticket online, faster and cheaper, from the NS App and download the e-ticket to your smartphone.


This picture shows many bicycles parked in Utrecht, the city of Netherlands

How much spending money do you need for a day in Utrecht? Following the budget things, I recommend you should plan to spend 25-30€ per day on your holidays. This post recommends additional tours and activities to get the most out of your holidays.

This post was most recently updated on June 9th 2020.

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