Park Güell

Park Güell | A park full of colour

 Park Güell

Park Güell is an amazing park, a total surface area of 19 hectares, open to the public offering panoramic views to the city! There is a restricted area inside the park, which has been an UNESCO heritage site since 1984, that requires paying a ticket (10€) to view the magnificent murals of the Catalan architect, Antoni Gaudi.

When I visited the Park there was maintenance work in the restricted area, take a look at the website before your visit.

Is it worth paying the entrance ticket for Park Guell? Yes, if you would like to view the murals, the architecture is amazing! Alternatively, walk up to the hill to enjoy the amazing views to the city! The viewpoint located at the top of the hill, above Park Güell, is Mirador de Joan Sales. Joan Sales was a Catalan writer, poet, translator and editor. If you like the view walk 5 minutes from Mirador de Joan Sales to a second viewing point, Mirador de architect Ignacio de Lecea.

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