This picture shows human figures workers in T- Centralen subway in the Swedish capital

Stockholm | Amazing art in subway

What can you do in Stockholm on a tight budget? Stockholm is an expensive city to visit however there are plenty of things to do without breaking the bank. How about visiting the world’s longest art exhibition gallery?

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The Stockholm metro is one of the most beautiful subways I have ever seen in Europe and worldwide. The metro opened in 1950, and today the system has 100 stations in use, of which 47 are underground and 53 above ground.

Stockholm metro has 14 stations that will grab your attention with the amazing art they display. How can you visit the art subway? By purchasing a ticket of 5€ valid for 75 minutes or a ticket of 12€ for 24 hours.


  • The Stockholm subway consists of 3 routes divided into 7 lines. The Greenline has 3 routes and 49 stations: 12 subterranean and 37 above-ground stations. The Redline has 2 routes and 36 stations: 20 subterranean and 15 above-ground stations. The Blueline has 2 routes and 20 stations: 19 subterranean and one elevated station.
  • Every week Stockholm Public Transport offers free guided tours of the art in the Metro. The tours are available in Swedish and English and are free of charge – all you need is a valid SL ticket. No booking is required.
  • Would you prefer exploring on your own art subway in Stockholm? Then install the audio guide in the App Store and Google Play.


  • T-Centralen Station is the most central station in Stockholm city. T-Centralen is in the blue line, opened for traffic in 1957. T-Centralen is known as the blue platform. Centralen is the only station where the three lines meet.
This picture shows a subway station in blue and white color walls in Stockholm
T-Centralen opened up for traffic in 1957 and was the first station to display artwork


  • Stadion station is in the red line, is one of Stockholm’s first cave stations. Stadion was built in 1973, the station is dressed in lovely light blue colour and a beautiful rainbow. The colourful metro station is located near the Stockholms Stadion in the district of Östermalm. The station was opened as part of the extension from Östermalmstorg to Tekniska högskolan.
This picture shows a photo in a subway wall that has rainbow colours
A sky blue colour and a rainbow are featuring in the walls of the subway station


  • Solna Centrum station is in the blue line, opened up for traffic in 1975. Two main colours featurie in the walls of the station, a bright green colour, representing the forest and nature and stunning red which represents the sunset. The station is located by Solna centrum, a shopping centre housing more than 200 stores, restaurants and offices.



This picture shows a subway station coloured in blue and white
Tekniska Högskolan Station was opened on 30 September 1973 as the northern terminus of the extension from Östermalmstorg
  • Tekniska Högskolan Station is in the red line, located in the districts Östermalm and Norra Djurgården. Tekniska was founded in 1973, is the station to reach the University of Technology (Kungliga Tekniska högskolan). The station is coloured in light blue and grey.
This picture shows a subway station in Stockholm coloured in red, white and green
Kungsträdgården is one stop to the east of T-Centralen



  • Kungsträdgården Station is in the blue line, is located in and taken its name from the Kungsträdgården Park, known as “The Garden of the King”, one of Stockholm’s popular parks. The park is divided into four distinct spaces, the Square of Charles XII, the Molin’s Fountain, the Square of Charles XIII and the Fountain of Wolodarski. The station is coloured in green, red, white and black.
This picture shows an old French formal garden and statues in a subway station in Stockholm
Kungsträdgården Station is located approximately 40 meters underground

Explore the beautiful art in the subway stations in the city of Stockholm. Other stations worth visiting include:

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  • Bagarmossen
  • Thorildsplan
  • Citybanan – Odenplan
  • Solna Strand
  • Östermalmstorg
  • Hotorget
  • Tensta
  • Hallonbergen
  • Mörby centrum
  • Akalla


Stockholm’s Subway is the World’s Longest Art Gallery. You can buy tickets for 24 hours, 72 hours and 30 days. A single ticket is valid for unlimited travel for 75 minutes. A single ride is 45 SEK, if you have a prepaid travel card it goes down to 32 SEK. When it comes to metro transport in the Swedish capital you can buy a smart card called SL-Access and reload it over and over again. The SL-Access card costs 20 SEK. You can buy all types of tickets at all Metro stations’ ticket offices or a range of tickets in SL centres, kiosks and online by the SL app.

This picture shows an apple sculpture in a subway station in Stockholm in Sweden
A Newton’s apple sculpture is displayed in the ceiling of Tekniska Högskolan station

If you would like to explore the Swedish capital saving both time and money then check the Stockholm Pass. The Stockholm Pass gives you free entry to over 60 top attractions, including sightseeing tours, museums and monuments.


This photo shows human figures of subway workers in the subway T-Centralen of Stockholm

This post was most recently updated on May 26th 2020.

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