This picture shows a panoramic view and buildings in the waterfront of Stockholm in Sweden

Stockholm on a budget | What to see and do

How to travel on a small budget in Stockholm? If you are wondering if is worth visiting Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, read my guide to the best budget places to visit in the Swedish capital.

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Stockholm is an incredible city and very worth visiting. The Swedish capital is built on 14 islands connected by 57 bridges. A gorgeous city to walk and explore! Indeed this city is one of the most expensive cities to visit in Europe, however there are plenty of nice things to do on a budget!

This picture shows colourful houses in a neighbourhood in Stockholm Sodermalm island
Stockholm is one of the safest cities in the world. The 2017 Safe City Index ranked it as the third-safest city in the world with under five million inhabitants



  • Discover the Town of Stockholm by joining a walking tour. Iruani, a very friendly and informative individual was our tour guide during the walking tour offered by Nordic freedom Tours (TIP THE TOUR GUIDE).
  • Visit some of the highlights of the city as the Parliament House, the Riddarholm Church, the Royal Swedish Opera, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music, the Sager House, the official residence of the Prime Minister of Sweden, the Coin Square, the Royal Palace. What can you do in Stockholm for free?
  • Visit Stockholm’s Cathedral built in 1279, located between the Royal Palace and Stortorget (6€).
  • Take a photograph of Järnpojke, the smallest public statue located in Gamla Stan, the old town of Stockholm (FREE).
  • Visit Gamla Stan, the old Town where around 3000 people live. Stortorget is the main square of the old town. Several tourist shops to visit from galleries, coffee places and restaurants. Since 1915 there is a Christmas market in the Big Town Square every year (FREE).
  • Watch the changing of the guards in the courtyard of the Royal Palace every day at 12:15h and on Sundays at 13:15h (FREE).


  • Explore Stockholm’s main shopping streets Drottninggatan, Västerlånggatan, Katarinavägen, Götgatan, Östermalm (FREE).
  • Do you dare to walk to the Hell Alley? Hell Alley is a dark street in the old town, known as “The Priest’s Street’ or Prästgatan in Swedish. Prästgatan was the final resting place of the dead and the place where the executioner of the city lived until the 1550s (FREE).
  • Explore Stockholm’s subway by buying a ticket for 4€. Stockholm’s metro is known as the biggest art gallery in the world! What a fabulous idea to make commuting to and from work a little more pleasant! Read about the amazing art in Stockholm’s metro.
  • Visit some of Stockholm’s public art and statues as Saint George and the Dragon statue, the Dance/Dansen statue (FREE).
  • Visit Evert Taube statues. Evert Taube was a famous Swedish author, artist, composer and troubadour. Taube was one of Sweden’s most respected musicians (FREE).
  • Visit Birger Jarls statue. Birger Jarl was the founder of Stockholm and his statue was erected on the Birger Jarls torg square in 1854 (FREE).
  • Visit Södermalm, the southern island of the city of Stockholm (FREE).
  • Drink a Fika. Fika is a Swedish tradition. The Swedish describe coffee as Fika usually along with a cake and meeting friends.
  • Follow the walking path to Monteliusvägen, a hilly viewing platform with magnificent views to the old town and the city Hall (FREE).
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  • Visit Kungsholmen, one of Stockholm’s islands. Join a guided tour in the city hall or climb to the top by visiting the tower of one of the highest buildings in the city (FREE).
  • Go ice skating in the heart of the city in Kungastgarden park. The ice skating is free to join, you can rent ice skates or use your own (FREE).
  • Discover Sweden’s history by visiting Skansen, the world’s first open-air multi-thematic museum with a zoo. Learn about Swedish traditions and house-life, join interactive activities and music performances (15€). Skansen is located on the island of Djurgården.
This picture shows a panoramic view of the harbour in Stockholm
Fjällgatan is the name of a street in Stockholm and a viewing platform offering views to the harbour
  • One of Stockholm’s nice viewpoints is Fjällgatan. Fjällgatan is located in Södermalm, Stockholm’s southern island. I recommend you visiting Fjällgatan early on sunrise or during the sunset for great views to the city and the harbour (FREE).
This picture shows houses and buildings in Stockholm waterfront by ont of the most popular viewpoints on the island of Södermalm
Monteliusvägen is the name of a 500 viewing platform located along the heights of Södermalm


Have you ever heard about Janteloven, the Law of Jante? Janteloven is a set of behavioural guidelines and unspoken norms on how to live and act to Sweden. The Law of Jante introduces a list of ten society rules, published in 1933 by Aksel Sandemoose, guidelines that set the society commonwealth above the individual needs. For example, one of the rules that the novel introduced is ‘‘Do not to think you are anything special”.

This picture shows a statue located in the garden of Stockholm City Hall
Enjoy stunning views to lake Mälaren and the city of Stockholm from City hall, one of Sweden’s most famous buildings, located on the eastern side of Kungsholmen island


  • Enjoy the city vibe by having a coffee in Its pleat cafe, which is centrally located in Drottninggatan Street, on the first floor of H&M. WHAT TO ORDER: sandwiches, salads, wraps, buns, muffins, coffee.
  • The Espresso House Concert Hall is a nice coffee place serving great coffee and a wide selection of Swedish treats.
  • Hemköp is a quality supermarket with good quality meat, cheese, fresh fruits and vegetables in affordable prices.
This picture shows a narrow alley of a neighborhood in Stockholm, the capital of Sweden
Stockholm was largely built by Birger Jarl. The average salary in Sweden is fairly high: 32,800 SEK (3,400 EUR) before taxes


This pictures shows a neighbourhood in Stockholm
Stockholm is an expensive city to visit. Read my guide on the best things to do in the Swedish capital on a tight budget

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