Lucerne on a budget | What to see and do

Lucerne, a beautiful picturesque city in near proximity to Zurich, just 45 minutes drive, is a spectacular place to visit and one of top rated tourist attractions. Lucerne is often described as the most beautiful city of Switzerland.

Luzern, Lucerne, lake

Luzern, Lucerne, lake
Luzern, Lucerne, Bahnhof
Lucerne train station

Tourist information office, situated in platform 3 in the building of main train station, a great spot to learn more about Lucerne. I was really impressed by staff’s politeness and eagerness to provide advice and information of how to spend your days best. You can always buy your tickets there and purchase postcards and souvenirs. Such a great customer service !!

Kapellbrücke, Chapel Bridge
Chapel Bridge

A lovely stroll by the lakeside promenade – Lake Lucerne or ‘Vierwaldstättersee’ as Germans call it, “Lake of the Four Forested Cantons” – brings you to iconic Chapel Bridge, a scene of indescribable beauty. Enjoy the lake, walk or cycle all around the city. Views are spectacular!

Chapel Bridge, Kapellbrücke

Chapel Bridge, known as Kapellbrücke, is an impressive wooden pedestrian bridge, over Reuss River. Chapel Bridge, Lucerne’s most popular landmark, a sight of great history, got its name by Saint Peter’s Chapel, built in 1333 and is one of the oldest wooden bridges in Europe. Beyond the scenic views that chapel bridge offers, the inside part is even more impressive. Make sure to look up in the top of the bridge, as impressive paintings and amazing artwork is displayed.

Luzerner Wochenmarkt, Luzern, farmers market,

Farmers market takes place every Saturday in the city centre, just a few minutes and in walking distance from Chapel Bridge. A lovely open market where you can buy a great selection of cheese and local products, bread, flowers, chocolate cakes and pastries, vegetables, meat, spices and herbs. A lovely stroll not to miss and a chance to taste local goodies in budget prices.

St. Leodegar, Luzern, Lucerne, chruch
St. Leodegar

St. Leodegar, located in the heart of the city, is a beautiful cathedral, one of Luzerne’s popular sights. A lovely Roman Catholic church, founded in the mid- 8th century, well preserved interior and great architecture. Free entrance.

Heini, Lucerne
A coffee and a cake or pizza in Heini

What locals suggested ? A coffee and a cake or pizza in Heini. A lovely bakery and coffee shop, great variety of cakes, desserts, chocolate, pizza, breakfast options, cookies and high quality of coffee.

Heini, Lucerne, Luzern

Extremely friendly service, a nice environment to relax and chill out. Heini is always busy, especially in the weekends. Quiche Lorraine was delicious and coffee exceeded my expectations !! (10€) .

Lion Monument of Lucerne,Löwendenkmal,Lion of Lucerne,
Lion Of Lucerne

The dying Lion Monument or Lion Of Lucerne is a must see, one of the saddest monuments, stone- exhibits in the world, that represents the bravery of swiss soldiers, who were massacred in 1792, during the French Revolution. Lion designed by danish artist, Bertel Thorvaldsen. A monument of great history, located in a peaceful environment, within walking distance from Chapel Bridge, inside a beautiful garden.

Konsipark, Dreilindenpark, park, Lucerne,
Konsipark (Dreilindenpark)

Konsipark (Dreilindenpark), a relaxing viewpoint, situated near city centre. Walk all the way up to the hill, near the village houses, take a lovely stroll in a peaceful neighborhood. A beautiful park to relax and enjoy a panoramic view of lake lucerne and mountains. A music school is located in the park, an ideal place to bring your picnics and enjoy a day of fun. There are 4-5 benches in the front park, if you are lucky enough to sit on one of them, offering amazing views.

Lucerne, Luzern
World cafe, a great modern art Café, located in the fourth floor of Kunstmuseum

World cafe, a great modern art Café, located in the fourth floor of Kunstmuseum. A relaxing environment, ideal for reading a book or grab a coffee and taste snacks or a light dinner (18€) while gazing across the Lake Lucerne. Great selection of art is displayed in Kunstmuseum . Collection made up of Swiss art, from portraits to landscape and animal exhibitions , colorful collages, paintings, drawings, animations and sculptures (13€).

Lucerne, Luzern, swiss,


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Luzern, Lucerne, lake,
Luzern, Lucerne

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