Vilnius |Top 20 things to do on a budget

Is Vilnius worth visiting? Vilnius might not be as popular as Riga or Tallinn, but it is nevertheless a city well worth to travel. How to see Vilnius on a budget? Read my guide on the best tourist attractions and things to do in the capital of Lithuania.

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Vilnius is a city of long history and great architecture. The architecture of the Old Town presents a high range of styles and hosts buildings of several architectural styles from gothic, renaissance to baroque and neoclassical. Discover the budget tips on how to get the most out of the city of Vilnius.


  1. Join a free walking tour. Tip walking tours are organised by Vilnius with Locals Tour. The tours meet up every day all year from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm in the Town Hall. Raminta, our tour guide, a lovely Lithuanian girl provided us with so much information on the history of Vilnius.
  2. Visit the most popular landmarks of the capital. Visit Užupis district, the Cathedral, Gediminas Hill, Literatu street, Pille’s street, the street of the soviet and german buildings.
  3. Vilnius has 70 churches. Visit St. Anne’s Church, St. Paraskeva Church, Church of St. Casimir, St. Virgin Maria’s Church, Holy Spirit Orthodox Church, St. Virgin Maria’s Church.
  4. Walk-in Literatų street. Literatų is a popular street, where the artwork of metal, wood and glass is displayed. The street is dedicated to Lithuanian artists and litterateurs.
  5. Visit the Statue “Medeina“, the goddess of the forest and hunting. The statue was made by Marius Grusas.
  6. Visit the Museum of Occupations and Freedom Fights. The formerly known Museum of Genocide is located in the former KGB building, where the crimes of the Soviet regime were planned and executed. The tour starts from the basement, where you can see the former KGB prison, which was repainted up to 18 layers. The exhibition on the ground floor displays photos and videos by the nine-year-long partisan war and the Lithuanian history back in 1940. In the first floor are displayed photographs, documents and videos related to deportees. The Museum displays the Lithuanian history when Lithuania was part of the Soviet Union.
  7. You can not miss visiting Cathedral Square. The main square of the old town is located in front of the Cathedral. The Cathedral is a popular meeting point and one of the most important religious venues in the city.
  8. If you love shopping walk around Gediminas Avenue, where you will find clothes and souvenirs, Pilies Street, Didzoji Street.
  9. Climb to Gediminas Hill. Visit the Hill to get one of the best views of the city. The view is breathtaking, especially on the sunset. The hill is located in short walking distance from Cathedral Square. Be prepared for a short climb to reach the top.
  10. Visit the Gediminas Tower. Gemidinas Tower named after Gediminas, the Grand Duke of Lithuania. The Tower consists of three floors. Visit the museum located within the tower, exhibiting archaeological findings from the hill and the surrounding areas, exhibitions of Vilnius castles from the 14th to the 17th century and the old city of Vilnius.



  1. Visit Užupis, an artistic neighbourhood which was created by 12 Lithuanian artists. Užupis means beyond the river. What impressed me the most is that Užupis has it’s own constitution and you can get your passport stamped.
  2. Why do Lithuanians not smile? What I realised is that they do smile but they need to get to know you a little better. Challenge your self, meet and greet a local! In the independent free spirit republic of Užupis if you don’t smile you are not welcome.
  3. Explore the Old Town.
  4. Walk around Bernardine Gardens.
  5. Take a photograph of the monument Zemach Shabad.
  6. Book a free guided tour of the Presidential Palace. The tours to the palace are offered every Friday at 4:30 p.m. and every Saturday from 9 a.m. until 2:30 p.m. year-round. On summertime, guided tours are also organized on Sundays.
  7. Photograph the monument of Angel of Užupis.
  8. Get your cam ready to take a shot of one of the most photographed murals in Vilnius, the Putin/Trump Mural.
  9. Feeling tired and need a break? Visit the Einkaufszentrum Europa shopping mall within 40 minutes on foot from the Old Town.
  10. Join a guided ghost tour! Wander around the ancient streets of the Old Town, walk the historic streets of the city, explore the Gate of Dawn, visit the Satan House and the Kingdom of Death, dive into the horrific stories and secrets the past of Vilnius holds.


  • Sugamour, is an elegant patisserie and restaurant, vegetarian-friendly serving gluten-free options. The cafe has an impressive decoration offering a great variety of desserts, macaroons, cakes, coffee, chocolates and hot beverages. Order a crêpe with curd, stuffed creamy filling, crème brûlée, white chocolate sauce and fresh berries.
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  • Visit Forro Davras restaurant. Forro Davras is located in the city centre. A queue is always to be expected for about 10- 15 min, especially on Friday night and during the weekends. What do the locals eat? Potatoes! Potatoes filled with meat, fried potatoes, potato pancakes, potato- meat dumplings, potatoes with bacon, potatoes with pork and beetroot. Order beetroot soup with wild mushrooms and slices of pork meat, roast bacon with horseradish sauce, potato mash and beetroot salad.



This post was most recently updated on July 2nd 2020.

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