Manchester has it all

Manchester, Britain”s second city,located in north west, a budget friendly destination, offers a variety of things to do, from museums and parks to restaurants and a wide range of bars, pubs and clubs for every mood and budget. One of the most liveable and student friendly cities with  popular University of Manchester, which stands at 34th in the world, to Manchester Metropolitan University and  University of Salford.

There”s so much to love and admire, from architecture, impressive  buidings as  John Rylands Library, Manchester Town Hall, Manchester Museum, to parks to relax and chill out, beautiful landscapes with magnificent views and a hell of a night out.


© Sergey Ponomarev for the New York Times Homs, Syria, 15 June 2014 Assad’s Syria (2013-2014)
© Sergey Ponomarev for the New York Times Homs, Syria, 15 June 2014 Assad’s Syria (2013-2014)
Life jacket, exhibited in Imperial War Museum

An extensive series of moving photos, that depicts the real human cost of  refugee crisis and  the scale of Syria”s loss. Life jacket, exhibited in Imperial War Museum,  found abandoned on the greek island of Chios, one of many lefts behind by refugees who have made the sea crossing from Turkey.

Really impressed by my visit to Manchester Museum. Lovely museum with plenty to see.  Enjoyed the most exhibition related to the impact of humans on the natural environment.

Jackie Haynes demonstrates her art practise of re-purposing materials destined for landfill #GMTalkingRubbish
John Rylands Library
Over 100 years old writing desk @ John Rylands Library 


Visited Cloud 23  @Hilton Hotel. Ordered a café latte at £5.50 and a spring  punch £12. Ketel One Vodka with Champagne, cassis, berries and Citrus. A lovely way to spend a couple of hours. Best views of the city from 23rd floor.

Cloud 23
Best Views @Cloud 23

Real China at Salford proved  to be a good choise. Plenty to choose from on a buffet.  Prawns, sweet corn soup, BBQ spare ribs, sushi, egg fried rice, fried rice with mixed vegetables, rice noodles, delicious prawns, roast pork in Szechuan sauce, wide variety of desserts, strawberry gelly, vanilla ice cream and more, plus chinese tea at the price of  £13.

Dropped in  Nero coffee Shop in Oxford Road to take a short break from sightseeing. Friendly staff and plenty of seating. Ordered a cappucino  and a lovely carrot cake, at the cost of  £6.

Enjoyed wandering along streets in  China Town, exploring old narrow streets. Plenty of choices for chinese- food lovers.

China Town
China Town

Salford amazed me the most. Lovely place to walk along the quays, view the canal sides, feel the breeze coming off  of the water. Stunning views. Plenty to see and explore from ITV studios, imperial War Museum to luxury outlets, as The Lowry and plenty coffee shops and restaurants. Lovely area for a walk. A must see.



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Manchester Museum : Oxford Road | The University of Manchester, Manchester M13 9PL

Imperial War Museum (IWM North): The Quays Trafford Wharf Road Manchester M17 1TZ

Cloud 23  Bar, Hilton Hotel, Beetham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4LQ

Nero Coffee Shop8A Oxford Road, Manchester M1 5QA

Real China : Lowry Outlet, The Quays, Salford M50 3AH

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