Brighton | Follow the coast


Waiting for the rain to pass 🌂🌧️


Visited Lanes shopping area. Clothing, art, accessories, jewelllery, coffee shops, restaurants and more in a lively, full of shops shopping area, situated in a set of narrow streets. Reminded me a bit of  Venice.

Went for shopping in a modern busy Mall in Churchill Square. Situated close to the Clock Tower, Churchil Square Mall offers a plentiful variety of shopping options. Debenhams, Mothercare, Zara, Berkska, H&M, Hollister, Costa, MacDonalds, Superdrug, WHSmith and more to explore.


Clock Tower, a great monument, situated right in the centre of town

Booth Museum, one of  most popular sights in Brigthon, is a must see when in the city. A wide variety of  birds, skelletons and several animals and over 650 types of butterflies 🦋can be seen at Booth Museum of Natural History. Admission is free, staff is friendly  and helpful. Well worth a visit at least once!!


Οver 650 types of butterflies 🦋can be seen at Booth


Tasted  sashimi, norwegian salmon and makes with avocado, spicy sauce and sesame seeds,  chargrilled chicken soup, brown and red rice, seasonal greens, katsu broth and  fresh ginger along with lemon flavoured water ( total cost £15)  @ itsu.

Enjoyed a delicious hot pure molten chocolate, rich and creamy, served with marshmallows and a delicious white chocolate truffle (cost £9.98) @ Choccywoccydoodah. Yummy!!


Chocolate and Art @ Choccywoccydoodah

Walked up and down the Palace Pier. Entrace to the pier is free. Plenty to see and do, from rides to slots and arcade games.


Palace Pier, a must visit when in Brighton

Whether you are looking for a quite walk along the beach and a relaxing cycle, or a stroll along the sights of the pier  or even a fun day out with family and friends, just follow the coast, where there are plenty of choices to enjoy the views or try out the bars and restaurants in this area.


Exploring Brighton beach & seafront


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 Palace Pier : Madeira Dr,  BN2 1TW

 Ιtsu : 68-70 North St, BN1 1RH

Choccywoccydoodah : 3 Meeting House Lane ,  BN1 1HB

Booth Museum: 194 Dyke Rd, Brighton BN1 5AA

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