Copenhagen on a budget | What to see and do

Copenhagen is one of the most cycle-friendly cities I have ever visited, a great city that impressed me instantly. There is a relaxing and cool vibe in  the city that makes it easy to feel like home. Read my guide on some of the budget things and activities you can do in the city, where to eat , what to do and which places to visit, from local attractions to food and entertainment.


Nyhavns colourful houses impressed me instantly. Nyhavn, Copenhagens historical harbour, one of the most picturesque areas, is a must see you visit Copenhagen.


Visit Christiansborg Palace (95 DKK). The palace has free access to the tower, from where you can  admire Copenhagen’s overwhelming beauty.


The Tower,Christiansborg Palace

Love padlocks, a symbol of #love❤️ and commitment 🔒, @ canal bridge , Nyhavn New Harbour


I had a good tasting experience – delicious steak, au gratin potatoes, salad bar and white wine (cost 250 DKK) in Jensens Bøfhus, Vesterbrogade.

I had a wonderful experience dining traditional danish dishes in Frk. Barners Kaelder. The food was of great quality, the portions were quite good and the prices affordable. The dinner per person cost about 200 DKK.

I really enjoyed every moment of my visit to Botanical Garden. The entrance is free of charge.


Photo was taken from the top of spiral stairs, located inside the garden

Visit Little mermaid statue, at Langelinje Pier, one of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions and Christiania, an independent car-free district of about 850 to 1,000 residents.


Leaving  Christiania, Copenhagen’s semi – autonomous hippie neighbourhood,where cannabis open trade  takes place, a colourful controversial community all over graffity & one of the most popular sightseeing stops @ Copenhagen. No photos allowed @ trade area 📷This is the sign to remind you that you’re returning back into the European Union.
Check out Copenhagen’s amazing architecture!
Caught this by accident 🇩🇰  Danish  Royal Guard marching band en route towards Amalienborg Palace


  • Taste and buy great quaity tea in Tante T in Torvehallerne market.
  • Taste local goodies as cheese, fish, meat, tea, veggies coffee shops in Torvehallerne market. Torvehallerne market is a popular market, a busy market with lots of coffee shops and food spots.
  • If you would like to have a break from shopping why not visit @cafe Norden? Great coffee in a nice chil out envoronment. Cafe Nordenis is a little procey – a cappuccino ☕ costs 60 DKK /8 € but worth it. The cafe is situated in Copenhagen’s  largest shopping area, Strøget in the heart of the city.

Cafe Norden
  • Visit Democratic cafe, a relaxing coffee shop, situated in a library venue. Democratic cafe is a great place to study and network.
  • Visit all time classic Esspresso House and have a coffee or tea and cake, at the cost of  60DKK.


  • Tivoli Gardens,one of the most popular sights is closed in January.
  • January is the coldest month. Temperature lies between -2 and  2°C.
  • Find clothing shops and souvenirs in Strøget, Copenhagen’s largest shopping area. 
  • Don”t miss the chance to rent a bike  in one of the best cycling cities and discover Copenhagens beauty.  1 day is 100 DKK (Donkey.Bike).


Botanical Garden: Øster Farimagsgade 2C, 1353 

Restaurant Jensens Bøfhus :Vesterbrogade 11A, 1620

Restaurant Frk. Barners Kaelder:Helgolandsgade 8A, 1653

Tante T: Torvehallerne – Copenhagen market , Linnésgade 17, 1364

Cafe Norden : Østergade 61, 1100

The Little Mermaid: Langelinie, 2100

Democratic Coffee  Shop :Krystalgade 15, 1172

Christiansborg Palace tower: Prins Jørgens Gård 1, 1218

2 thoughts on “Copenhagen on a budget | What to see and do

  1. I love Copenhagen and I have been to there few times. Your post a great joy to read. I love it. Biking in summer is easy! Can You imagine, that in Oulu, Finland people bike in winter also. In Finland it is natural. People bike when going to their work, for pleasure and when going for shopping. The best biking town in Finland is Oulu.

    Oulu is also the only one town in the world which offers free reindeer races intended for everyone. Make the difference between reindeer rides and reindeer races. Reindeer rides are commercial and they can be done at the Arctic Circle nearby the town Rovaniemi, but reindeer races only in Oulu.

    This is winter biking in Oulu:

    Winter biking 3

    Have a wonderful day!


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